Thollem McDonas + Jackson/Baker/Kirshner at The Hungry Brain

Event Information

Date & Time:Sun, 06/10/2018 - 9:00pm - Sat, 06/16/2018 - 11:30pm
Ticket Price:$10 suggested donation 21+

9pm, 21+, $10 suggested donation

Set 1

Thollem McDonas

Set 2


Keefe Jackson - reeds
Jim Baker - piano
Julian Kirshner - drums

"Thollem is a bruising virtuoso who has deconstructed free music, classical, blues, electronic music, prog, noise, and everything in between.” (Brad Cohan, Bandcamp)

”Listening to Thollem McDonas play the piano is an astonishing experience”, writes cellist/composer Joan Jeanrenaud (Kronos Quartet cellist 1978-98), “He has an innate ability to compose transcendent music using the piano as his expressive voice and to explore the depth and range of the instrument like no one else. He will take you on journeys across varied landscapes that flow effortlessly from one to the next — somehow emerging logically even in their unpredictability. Thollem creates a spectacular tapestry of different colored sounds reflecting his awareness, study and assimilation of countless influences. In Terry Riley’s own words, Thollem McDonas is ‘a true original'."

Nels Cline continues, “Thollem is an indefatigable instigator, a magnetic improvising force bringing wide-ranging expression and invention to everything his restless, nomadic existence comes into contact with, and whether playing his virtuosic piano or writing quirky-yet-classic songs and playing all manner of electric keyboards, his maverick essence is magically evident. The man is everywhere!”

A final word from William Parker, "Thollem McDonas travels the world looking for magical sounds that will enlighten and inform him about the possibilities of how to live. He is a modern griot who has absorbed sounds from every place he has visited, and, like a plant, he leaves seeds that find soil and grow."

Venue Information

Name:Hungry Brain, Chicago, IL
Address:2319 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60618
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